I wanted to tell you how happy and satisfied we are with our new sleeper chair. Your sales and delivery staff are by far the most knowledgeable, professional and accommodating folks that I have met. Thank you for going out of your way to oblige our personal requests.

Marva and Steven S.

West Seattle


Custom Sleeper Sofas at Contract Pricing

Get in touch with our Contract & Hospitality Department or Call (206) 577-0035.


Boulder Sleeper Sofa for Hospitality

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Add 2 to the maximum occupancy of any room

Sleeper sofas are simply more comfortable and attractive than ever before--all while providing the essential need of a couch along with the sleek convenience of a bed.  Our contract division has established a program to serve the hospitality industry, including special pricing, a CareFree Upholstery line, and an unmatched selection of options.

Pricing Specials

Depending on the company's needs and budget, we are always able to find a comprehensive sleeper solution to fit the bill.  For the hospitality industry, all of our sleepers are discounted on a sliding scale based on the volume of sleepers purchased. 


Our team will help interpret your particular needs, and finalize selections within a budget.  Our logistics specialists will take care of all delivery arrangments to the final destination.  We provide delivery solutions for all 50 states, as well as Canada and beyond.



Largest selection of sleeper sofas in the country

Check out our entire line of sleeper sofas.  Or use the navigation at the top of the page to sort by Fabric, Leather, Sleeper Size, Brands, and more.  We currently offer almost 400 styles, 700 upholsteries--and even eight mattress options.  Look through some of our fabrics and leathers.  When you find some you like, we'll send swatches directly to your offices.  That way, you can see, touch and feel the fabrics in person.


Sleeper Sofas Available for Hotels



Matching Items

All of our sleepers are offered with matching chairs, ottomans, recliners and sofas.  Our living room options provide comprehensive solutions to offer comfort and style in addition to the added sleeping capacity.  We offer hundreds of products that are not showcased on our website and can be customized to fit your goals.



Get in Touch

To reach our Contract & Hospitality department directly, please email contract@sleepersinseattle.com or call (206) 577-0035.





   Quote about sofa bed  Thank you for your help in selecting sleeper sofas. After 27 years in the hotel and resort business and as a personal traveler, it is a treat to finally find one that meets our needs.

I have found many that are stylish and even some that are comfortable while sitting but this is the first one that meets those need and provides adequate support for a decent night’s sleep.  
We are starting our second season with these sleeper units and have had such good service from them that I am recommending replacement of our remaining older units with your sleepers.
Again, thank you for your help in selecting them and I will be talking with you soon.  Sofa Bed Quote

—Dick Hansen
General Manager, Orcas Suites at Rosario


Hospitality Suites

Orcas Suites at Rosario


 Quote about sofa bed  We have been working with Sleepers in Seattle for two years and have been very pleased with the service offered to us. Despite our 3 hour time difference, the rep always gets back to us in a timely and professional manner, understands our needs and goes the distance to meet our requirements. Our orders are delivered on time and as requested.  Sofa Bed Quote



—Joseph Warner
, JDW Enterprises, Antigua



Sleepers In Seattle Hospitality & Contract

Shell Island Resort


Quote about sofa bed

   My interaction with Sleepers in Seattle was great from the beginning and just got better and better. The website is set up well and gave me a good overview of product lines before I made any decisions. As soon as I picked up the phone, I was paired with a salesman whose efforts cannot be described within the limitations of the word. David worked with me on arranging for the manufacture, purchase, transportation and delivery of nearly 50 sleeper sofas. Should I also mention the selection of twelve different custom, coastal fabrics? His guidance, patience, suggestions and prompt, consistent contact with me throughout the process was invaluable Sofa Bed Quote


—Daryl Rosenbaum
Design Results