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Patrice and James F.

Queen Anne

Filtering Tools: We have added a few features to our site, in order to help you find just the fabric you're looking for. By using the drop-down option, you are able to view and select from any of our fabric tags; which encompass color, fiber content, and durability. Also, we have a search function, which enables you to sort through all of our upholstery options, with as broad ("green") or specific ("orange cotton floral") a term as you'd like.
Durability: Two important factors in the durability of a fabric are the tightness of the weave; and the fiber content. Generally speaking, the tighter the weave, the easier it is to keep a fabric clean and the longer it will resist damage from abrasion.   Dirt and dust will not penetrate the surface of the fiber weave, making it easier to clean up and longer lasting. Synthetic fabrics such as Polyester and Acrylic do not readily absorb stains into the fibers, making them easy to keep clean. Nylon, Polyester, and Cotton are also strong, durable fibers. 
Cleaning Code: The cleaning code is a letter that designates what type of cleaner to use on the fabric for spot cleaning. 
W stands for a water-based cleaner; spot clean only with water or a water-based upholstery cleaner, shampoo or a mild detergent. 
S stands for a solvent-based cleaner; spot clean only with a water-free upholstery cleaner. 
W/S means you can use either a water or solvent-based cleaner. 
X means it should only be cleaned by vacuuming or by lightly brushing with a soft brush. 
Leather: All of our leathers are always 100% genuine leather hides. In general, more expensive leathers tend to be softer, yet not quite as durable as the less pricey options. Dream (Natuzzi) and Durango (Savvy Sleepers) are two leather groups that do not conform to the above generality-- both Elmo Soft and Durango are extremely soft, and extremely durable hides.  Please note:  Because of leather's natural characteristics, grain and color may vary.
Pantone Color Chart
Below are four colors directly pulled from Pantone Color, which can be used as a reference guide when viewing our fabrics.
Red Color

Yellow Color

True Red

True Yellow

Green ColorBlue Color
True GreenTrue Blue