Our Air-Dream Sleeper Mattress has gotten a makeover!

For years, the Air-Dream mattress has been a most popular sleeper bed option—as the only mattress to offer the height profile of a more standard bedroom set.  The mattress essentially consists of two parts; an innerspring base level (very similar to our Dreamsleeper Plush mattress), along with an air bladder above.  Deflated, the mattress is still 5.5 inches thick.  After inflation, there is a 12” bed for your guests to sleep on.

The electric pump has always been a separate component which must be plugged into the wall and then plugged into the mattress.  The inflation process would only take about 40 seconds, but there was another piece ‘to worry about’.  That piece has been eliminated, as our Upgraded Air-Dream Mattress now includes a built-in pump; eliminating all hassle from this (truly) 40 second process.  Check out the difference in the photos below.

Another component for mattress pump

Previous Air-Dream Mattress Pump

New, Built-In Air-Dream Mattress Pump

New, Built-In Air-Dream Mattress Pump

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