Choose the Right Color for Your Sleeper Sofa

Here are some ideas for choosing the best upholstery colors for your space:

Vibrant Colors can bring warmth and energy to a room.  A bright colored sofa draws attention and feels inviting, which are great qualities for a room you want to encourage your family or guests to spend time in.  If your room is bare or doesn’t have many windows, a bright red, blue or green sofa can also help break up the uniformity of the walls.

Vibrant Colors Bring Warmth and Energy

Neutral Tones, such as taupe, khaki, and mink have subdued hues.  They can give a space a feeling of peace and calm.  They can also act as a quiet background which allows other colors or patterns in the room to stand out in comparison.

Neutral Tones are Calming with Subdued Hues

Earth Tones are rich greens, reds and browns like those found in nature.  They are a nice complement to rooms with scenic windows or natural materials such as wood, granite and brick.

Earth Tones Exude Natural Beauty

White, Black and Grey have no hue–which can feel stark and pure. White brings the maximum light and airiness to a room, and Black brings the maximum darkness, which can be utilized to let spot-lighting create the room’s atmosphere. Grey is a calming neutral tone and is easily influenced by other colors in the room.

Black, White and Grey Keep a Room Bright

Beige, Tan, and Off-White are light tones that help keep a room bright.  They have a touch of color unlike pure white, which can bring a feeling of a warmth and softness.

Light Tones for a Touch of Warmth in a Bright Room

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