Pocket-Coil Cushions. Free.

In our (humble) opinion, Savvy brand sleeper sofas already rocked.  They are comfortable, with terrific custom options, etc.  We could go on for a while, but instead want to take just a moment to introduce our new pocket-coil InnerSoft cushions.

Our Innersoft Pocket-Coil Seat Cushion includes 72 individually-wrapped steel-coil springs, all covered in a soy-based foam for added resiliency and comfort.  The coils are 100% recycled steel, and are each wrapped in a fiber sleeve for durability, support and comfort.

This cushion is available for about two-thirds of our Savvy brand sleepers.  Until now, the InnerSoft cushion was priced as a $100 upgrade, but is now included free for these products.  And no, we didn’t raise any prices, anywhere.

InnerSoft Pocket-Coil Seat Cushion

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