Announcing New Line of Sleeper Sofas by Lazar Industries

Lazar has been making exceptional furniture in the US for over 30 years. Known for their highly customizable pieces, they are a perfect fit for Sleepers In Seattle, where you can discover your ideal Lazar sofa bed in our Sleeper Design Center. With a keen eye for design, quality construction, and a new commitment to sustainable practices with their Earth Designs program, we are proud to carry the Lazar banner.

Lazar offers a vast array of customizable options in both the look and feel of their custom furniture. You can choose from their large selection of fabrics and 100% top-grain leathers, and choose from 43 foot options, to complete the perfect accent for your room.
While Lazar is known for creating well-pitched, comfortable seats, they go the extra mile by offering three custom seat and back cushions, so you’ll be sure to find the exact kind of sitting experience you’re looking for, whether it’s plush or firm; relaxed or upright.

Lazar Swatch Display

Lazar furniture is constructed with the utmost attention to quality right here in the U.S. Their kiln-dried hardwood frames and spring-suspended seating confidently provide a lifetime guarantee, so your sleeper will provide long lasting comfort and style. All of Lazar’s furniture is manufactured in the US, in either their East Coast or West Coast factories, which ensure not only quality construction, but a speedy delivery.

Lazar launched the Earth Designs Program in an effort to produce more sustainable products. They’re Precycling strategy minimizes total waste by avoiding the use of material that can’t be recycled, including packing materials. The furniture itself is produced from recycled steel, foam, polyester, and made with exclusively water-based glues. This Earth Designs line offers some of the most comfortable and well-made sofas and sleeper beds we’ve ever come across. We are very excited to offer these products, unmatched both in their craftsmanship and in their innovative and responsible manufacturing.

Bachelorette Jillian Harris Lounging on a Lazar Sleeper

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