Sleeper of the Week – The Denver Queen Sleeper – A Triumph of Humanity

The Denver Queen Sleeper is the quite possibly the greatest sofa ever conceived by human beings.  And to honor it, we’ve made it the Sleeper of the Week.

Much like sitting on a cloud, the Denver Sleeper offers seat and back cushions that almost defy the laws of physics.  Its rolled armrests will make your arms feel better than they ever have before, and its mattress options have caused people to fall into a deep sleep almost immediately upon lounging.  Those who purchase this sofa report that they regard it as a beloved pet, or even their own child.  Some have rescued it from a burning building.

We here at Sleepers in Seattle are humble people, but once we received this kind of feedback for the Denver Queen Sleeper, we thought it was our duty to make it the product of the week, and to tell the world of its power.

The Denver Queen Sleeper

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