Leather Loving

We love leather at Sleepers in Seattle. It has a timeless, sophisticated look; it’s easy to clean and maintain; and perhaps most importantly, it’s durable. Leather is the most durable upholstery option for furniture–but what is it about leather that makes it so resilient to every-day wear and tear?

One of the most effective ways to explain leather’s durability is to first look at the most durable option for fabric: microfiber. Microfiber is made of 100% polyester, which is one of the easiest to clean fibers available. Its biggest asset is in its compressed design. A looser weave would make it easier for dirt to get embedded into the fabric—causing damage, and making cleaning a much more arduous task.

Fabric will also wear out over time, both from every-day wear and tear, as well as some color fading from exposure to ultraviolet light. Leather, on the other hand, will look more attractive as it ages. Natural creases will form in the leather, providing an appealing and distinguished look, like an old bomber jacket.

Leather isn’t woven at all. It’s a solid surface, so dirt has nowhere to go and stains have nothing to penetrate. Often, cleaning leather furniture only means wiping down with a damp cloth.

While leather is a very durable material, sometimes disasters do happen. Another great feature of leather is that it’s entirely repairable. For fabric sofas, a rip can be fatal if it occurs in a highly visible area. Even if the rip is minor and virtually out of sight, the repair would still be apparent, as it would have to be fixed using a seam or a patch. For leather, the substance is actually fused together, resulting in a completely undetectable repair.

While leather is generally the more expensive option, it’s a great investment for the future. It takes less maintenance, it will improve with age, and it can handle any household trauma that may occur. Sleepers in Seattle offers a huge selection of colorful and classic leather options. Find your favorite model, and start exploring the leather options in our Sleeper Design Center today!

Leathers Available for our Sleeper Sofas

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