Sleeper of the Week – The Prague II Queen Sleeper – A Sofa of Self-Discovery

Prague, a city that is world-renowned for being in Europe, attracts many recent college grads.  Eager to discover their true selves before returning home, they excel in getting unpaid internships, and living off their parent’s dime until their late twenties.  But, as they enter the next stage life–waiting in line to buy groceries, or on hold with their cable and internet providers–they think back to the magical city of Prague; full of sophisticated art, food and architecture, and how their lives then seemed like they’d be filled with adventure and whimsy.

Lucky for them, there’s the Prague II Queen Sleeper in Tess Blackberry—our Sleeper of the Week.  With elegant and bold design, the Prague will turn your home into the types of paintings that hang in the galleries throughout Europe, being stared at by kids in backpacks, listening to Radiohead on their iPods and feeling invincible.  After all, it is better to inspire than to be inspired.

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