Security When Purchasing Online

At Sleepers In Seattle, we understand that shopping online, in general, can cause a bit of stress.  So, we have tried to make the experience as easy, safe and enjoyable as possible.  Online retailing offers great benefits as a platform to create custom furniture, and we thought we might help ease some of the common concerns people have when making purchases online.

We handle our online transaction though and PayPal, two of the largest and most trusted payment gateway services in the world.  These transactions use a secure method of exchanging data called Transport Layer Security (“TLS”), a process that encrypts credit card information before it’s sent out, and then decodes it safely at the company’s servers.  The secure gateway company will then contact your bank to approve the transaction, and securely deliver us the payment for your order.  TLS prevents any third party from being able to eavesdrop or intercept your credit card information.  TLS was most recently updated in RFC 5246 by the Internet Engineering Task Force.

At Sleepers In Seattle, we take your privacy seriously.  That’s why we also use Transport Layer Security any time you enter your personal data.  So, when you give us your name, email, or mailing address, we will be the only party to see it.

Sleepers In Seattle started as a boutique retail store 21 years ago.  A family owned and operated business; the family still operates a retail space in Seattle, WA.  Six years ago, we entered the world of online retailing, using long-standing relationships with furniture manufacturers and our own expertise to create an easy way to find and purchase customizable sleeper sofas on the Internet.  We also offer Quick-Ship sofa beds, delivered from our warehouse to your door in 7-10 days.

Sleepers In Seattle has gone to great lengths to create a stress-free process for ordering furniture online.  Our site is full of tools designed to help you discover the perfect sleeper for you, including our Sleeper Design Center (where you are shown the sleeper of your choice upholstered in the cover of your choice) and our commitment-free Request Swatches tool (just ask, and we’ll send over all the upholstery samples you need).  All of our products are fully insured throughout the logistics process, so in case any trouble occurs with the order, everyone involved is “covered”.  And, just in case you aren’t happy with your purchase, we also offer a Return Policy with no restocking fee.

From start to finish, we have done our best to create a sleeper sofa market that is safe, secure, easy to navigate, and–dare we say–fun.  We look forward to delivering the perfect sleeper for your family and your home.

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