Sleeper of the Week – The Aria Queen Leather Sleeper – A Step Towards Justice

The modern world is far from perfect. For starters, why aren’t there more coat hooks? It’s the 21st century, they should be everywhere by now.
You know what else we need more of? Pillows. When have you ever seen a pillow and thought “oh we should get rid of that!” I’m not talking about decorative and scented pillows. While I’m a big fan of those too, I admit they’re less essential than the classic pillow.
This week’s Sleeper of the Week, the Aria Queen Sleeper by Palliser, has the right idea. It takes a cushion, which is already great, and puts a pillow on top of it. Pillow-topped arms provide two pillows built right into the sofa. That’s two free pillows, right from the gate. The result is an incredibly comfortable seat; one that Palliser has fashioned into a very sleek and streamlined package.
So, if you want to make the world a better place, install a couple coat hooks and order this pillow-topped beacon of goodwill for your family and friends. It comes in a wide variety of fabrics and leathers, so you can find the perfect match for your home. Be the change!

Aria Queen Leather Sleeper Sofa by Palliser

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