Sleeper of the Week – Terra 3-Cushion Queen Earth Designs Sleeper by Lazar – Perfect for Everyone

Cold and Flu season means one thing… I’m sick. Thanks to my germaphobe mother, I have the immune system of a bubble boy (as well as a bit of Howard Hughes paranoia-OCD, but that’s for another Sleeper of the Week).

Tempting as it sounds to stay in bed and outsource this to Bolivia (a surprisingly common practice in sleeper-sofa blog comedy) I am compelled to write this post myself, because this week’s sleeper—the Terra 3-Cushion Queen Earth Designs Sleeper by Lazar—is my own personal sleeper! The Terra is a superbly crafted, compact sofa-bed, which is great for me because I need enough room to fit the industrial-strength steam cleaner I rent every month. The clean, modern lines of the Terra will assure you that everything will be ok and that you’re not eternally bound to your past. I love it!

Lazar’s Earth Designs line uses sustainable products and packaging, so you won’t feel like you’re single-handedly bringing down civilization. Plus, you can choose from 3 custom seat-cushion options and an incredibly plush and supportive mattress. So, on sick days or those days you’re convinced you shouldn’t leave your house, you’ll have the exact kind of comfort you prefer in a sofa. Start browsing all the upholstery options in our Sleeper Design Center now; before your eyesight gives out.

The Terra 3-Cushion Sleeper by Lazar

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