Sleeper of the Week – The Palo Alto Queen Sleeper – Sleeper 2.0

The Palo Alto Queen Sleeper got its name by being the preferred sleeper of tech startups in Silicon Valley. The Palo Alto graces many a waiting room, corner office, and nebulous Ping-Pong parlor throughout the city. Available in a staggering number of 100% top-grain leathers, many of them in web-approved colors (Come on, that was funny, ADMIT IT!), the Palo Alto can synchronize with any home or office setting. Web developers love to take 3 hour naps on one of our customizable mattresses, as they make more money asleep then the rest of us will in a week.

A sleek design keeps the look current, even after several generations of MacBooks are released. Try to stifle your intense feelings of jealousy as you design your own perfect Palo Alto in our Design Center!

The Palo Alto Queen Sleeper

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