7 Tips for Having Overnight Guests

Expecting visitors?  Follow these seven suggestions to make the experience a pleasure for all.

Whether it’s the in-laws, childhood buddies who want to catch up, or just friends in town for the weekend, we understand the desire to create a welcoming and comfortable space for their stay. Here are some tips to help turn one of your living areas into a welcoming guest room.

1. Encourage your guests to eat if they are hungry.  Give them a quick tour of the kitchen, and show them how to use the coffee maker and microwave; which are often strangely complicated to use.

2. Invest in bedding and towels. Having quality sheets and comfy towels let your guests know that they’re a pleasure and not a burden. Be sure to point out where they can grab an extra blanket or towel if they need.  An extra touch, such as a choice of pillow (down or foam, for example) or a freshly ironed pillowcase will be sure to leave a lasting impact.

Astoria Chaise Sectional Sleeper Guest Room

3. Provide the most comfortable sleeping solution you can afford. Many people opt for a sleeper sofa, because it provides a solid bed for guests, but can easily be tucked away the rest of the time. Sleepers are a perfect way to convert an entertainment area or living room into a guest space at a moment’s notice. Many improvements have been made to sofa beds in the past decade, including better quality mattresses and platform bed mechanisms.  Make sure not to buy an air mattress if you own a cat; unless it is very well behaved.

4. Free up some storage space. Closets and drawers are a luxury for travelers compared to living out of their suitcases, even just for a few items they’d like to hang up. If you can swing it, have a place to stow away their suitcases, too. A cluttered area can bring up memories of cramped airplanes and rush-hour highways.

5. Get breakable or obtrusive personal items out of the way so your guests can move around freely. If your guestroom is your living room, it might be a hassle to move everything, but at least remove anything delicate to keep your guests at ease (and to keep them from breaking it).

6. Provide an alarm clock and a reading light. An assortment of reading material is always appreciated, as is an invitation for guests to browse your bookshelf. Be a hero and set out a transit map and a cool guidebook of local attractions.

7. Allow as much privacy as possible for your guests.  Consider their schedule—perhaps you are an early riser, but they may be looking forward to sleeping in.

Astoria Chaise Sectional Sleeper Guest Room

Above all, have some fun and enjoy your company!  Try to get time off work, and show them around. Guests can be a great way to fall back in love with the place you live, or to see that tourist trap you’ve always secretly wanted to visit.

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