14 Reasons to Have a Comfortable Sleeper Bed

A comfortable sleeper bed is a great addition to any home. A good sleeper bed will fold up into a comfortable couch and takes up very little space. The sleeper fits perfectly in any living area, giving you the flexibility to multipurpose a room. If the convenience and versatility of the sleeper bed aren’t enough reason to consider investing in one, here are 15 more reasons you should spring for a comfortable sleeper bed.

American Comfort Sleeper Bed

1.  Flu Season

Having someone in the home with the flu is like having someone with the plague. The best thing to do is to quarantine them and have no further contact until they recover. If that’s not an option, however, then giving them their own bed for a few nights is a good second choice. The sleeper bed provides a comfortable place for you to sleep while they recover.

2.  Planned Guests


Planned Things


Sometimes the socially appropriate thing to do is to invite someone to stay over at your home. You do this with a smile on your face even as you grit your teeth and hope for the best. Sure, your in-laws criticize everything from the way you make coffee to your political opinions, but you can’t make them stay at a hotel – and keep your spouse happy. For such occasions, having a comfortable sleeper bed lets you score extra points with family and friends by offering them the bed while you graciously offer to sleep on the couch. Little do they know that they’re getting the short end of the deal now!

3.  Unexpected Guests



Sometimes it’s not the planned guests that have you scrambling for an extra place to sleep for the night. It’s that guy from college who used to think you were best friends because he followed you everywhere you went. Well you ran into him at a happy hour and voila, you have a guest. Fortunately, you don’t have to let him into your bedroom, because you’ve got a sleeper bed.

4.  Out Too Late With the Friends


Late Night Out


It was a fun night, to be sure. But if you come back too late and wake your spouse, well, let’s just say that’s trouble you don’t want. Never fear! You’ve got a great place to sleep tonight anyway.

5.  You Said Something That Didn’t Go Over Well


Should Not Have Said That


In such cases, it really doesn’t matter whether what you said is right or wrong, all that matters is getting out of the way of the storm until it blows over. Fortunately, you’ve got a sleeper bed to stay on.

6.  Kids Have Taken Over the Bed


Kids Take Over the Bed


Sure, the thunder sounded like the end of the world, but that was hours ago. You got up to go to the bathroom and the kids spread out over the whole bed. Sure, you could throw the bums out, but then you’ll have to go through the whole bedtime routine all over again. Tonight’s a good night to sleep on the sleeper bed.

7.  Pets Have Taken Over the Bed


Pets Take Over the Bed


Get a dog, they said. It’ll be great, they said. Now there’s a Great Dane where you used to sleep and to be honest, you’re just a little afraid of what will happen if you try to force him to move. It’s a good thing your sleeper bed is so comfortable.

8.  Late Night Solo Netflix Marathon


solo netflix marathon


You promised yourself you were just going to finish this one last episode. That was two seasons ago. Sure, you could hit stop and spend the rest of the night lying awake wondering what happens next, or you could fold out the sleeper bed and keep the good times rolling.

9.  Laundry Hasn’t Been Put Away Yet

Your New Year’s resolution is to fold and put away the laundry rather than living out of the hamper. You dumped all your clean clothes onto the bed, so you’d have to put them away. Now that you think about it, if the clothes aren’t in the hamper, you are keeping your resolution. You just must sleep somewhere else. Not a problem.

10.  No Bedsheets Are Clean


no clean bedsheets


One of the unforeseen drawbacks of leaving all your clothes on the bed is that when you finally get to the bottom of the pile, you find your bedsheets that haven’t been washed in … a while. You should probably just sleep on the sleeper bed again.

11.  Late Work Night and the Living Room Gets the Best Wi-Fi


late night of working at home


That special project the boss assigned you a month ago is due in the morning. You could have started it weeks ago, but you were busy catching up on your laundry – and that show on Netflix. Guess you’re pulling an all-nighter tonight. The Wi-Fi just never seems to reach your bedroom, no matter what you do; guess you’ll be pulling out the sleeper bed.

12.  Pet Fell Asleep on Your Lap and You Can’t Move


pinned down by a cat


You were just about to head to bed for the night when the dog decided your lap would make a good pillow, or the cat just curled up and started snoring. You can’t very well move now, can you? Good thing your sleeper bed is co comfortable.

13.  You Threatened to Go Sleep on the Couch and They Think You’re Bluffing


now you have to sleep on the couch


Sometimes you just have to stick by your principles. Sure, there’s a place for compromise in any relationship, but everyone knows that the toilet paper should only be placed on the roll in one direction, and you’re not about to back down now! They think you’re bluffing? You’ll show them! After all, that sleeper bed is a great place to sleep, if you have one.

14.  You Fell Asleep Because It’s So Comfortable, and This is Your Life Now


Cat loves sleeper bed


You fell asleep on the sleeper bed this evening and when you briefly woke up you thought about going to your bed, but you were just so comfortable that you decided you were better off right where you were. After all, sleeper beds are so comfortable now, they just might tempt you to replace that old bed in your bedroom.


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