Better Sleep for All of Us

I read a story in yesterday’s New York Times that suggested night owls, rather than larks, might be the world’s unsung geniuses.  As the traditional 9-5 work day is changing to allow for flexible schedules, those of us who like to work late can now shrug off the label of “slug” that we so often have had to contend with.  

Bedroom Mattress Comfort

As a confirmed night owl, I was relieved.  No, make that ecstatic.  I am happiest going to bed after 1 am and getting up after 9.  It takes me a long time to wind down at night, and when I’m forced to get up early I am sleep-deprived and grouchy.  I’ve joined a morning walking group to get out more.  It turns out that my fellow exercisers are all larks who think that 8 am is the perfect time for a hike around the park.  They don’t realize how wrong they are.

According to the Better Sleep Council (thanks, Council, for looking out for us) “sleeping on your side helps clear toxic waste from your brain!”  No, that was not the quote I was looking for.  But I’m definitely tucking that info away for later use.  

What sleep experts do suggest is that we follow a few steps that can lead to better sleep, which leads to healthier, happier days.  For both larks and owls.  

1. Go to sleep at the same time each night and get up at the same time every morning.  Even on weekends.  

2. Create a regular routine to follow that will get you in the mood for sleep.

3. Keep your bedroom cool.

4. Banish screens from the bedroom.

5. Try aromatherapy to relax you before bed

6. Make sure your bedroom is quiet and dark. 

7. Make sure you have a supportive mattress and pillow.  Most mattresses maintain their support for five to 10 years.  If your mattress is older, replace it.

A few tips for selecting the right mattress:

a.  Look at thickness, weight and durability.  Keep in mind that a thicker, heavier bed will be more difficult to rotate.  

b.  Consider an adjustable bed, especially if you have back issues.  

c.  At the store, lie down in comfortable clothing.  Try different positions, and concentrate on how the mattress feels as you move around.  

And when hosting overnight guests, you can help them sleep better by following similar guidelines:

1.  Make sure that your guest bed or sleeper sofa has a supportive mattress and pillow.  

2.  Create a comfortable environment for your guests.  

3.  Keep the guest room cool and quiet.  

American Leather Sleeper Open for Better Sleep

And don’t worry if you or your guests are night owls.  We know we are the smarter ones.

About Meryl Alcabes

Twenty-five years ago, Meryl Alcabes launched Also Furniture with her husband Carlos. They were new to retail and new to the furniture industry, so the first few years of business were a challenge. However, with her art school background and gregarious personality, Meryl loved the combination of meeting new people and helping them design their living spaces by focusing on appropriate colors and styles for each situation.

When Meryl and Carlos were first married and found their dream apartment in San Francisco, they could only afford one new furniture item a month. The very first thing they purchased was a sleeper sofa, which they used as a bed at night and for seating during the day. After a few years in the furniture business, Meryl realized that sleeper sofas were a must for most apartment and condo dwellers, and they were hard to find—so the couple decided to specialize in sofa beds and Sleepers In Seattle was launched.

Two of Meryl and Carlos’s sons, Max and Jacques, have since joined the firm, which has expanded in many directions with Savvy Home. Meryl’s interests include photography and collage, in addition to cooking for her family and friends and frequent entertaining. Dinner table discussion always includes furniture talk and speculation about when their third son, Raphael, will join the business.
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