Introducing Innovation Living to Sleepers In Seattle

“Embracing Innovation: Welcoming Innovation Living to Our Store”

Innovation Living

At Sleepers In Seattle, we pride ourselves on offering the best modern furniture, and we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve added a new brand to our roster: Innovation Living.

Innovation Living, a renowned Danish furniture brand, has been creating stylish, comfortable, and sustainable pieces since 1971. They specialize in furniture that is not only functional and durable but also transforms your space into a luxurious haven.

Innovation Living’s emphasis on versatile furniture is particularly evident in their range of sofa beds. With a strong focus on form and function, these designs are perfect for those living in urban spaces. One of their standout features is the flexibility of their products. A sofa from Innovation Living is more than just a place to sit – it’s a space-saving solution that can convert into a comfortable bed, perfect for urban dwellers and those who frequently have guests.

What sets Innovation Living apart is their commitment to sustainability. They use recycled materials whenever possible in their manufacturing process and strive to minimize waste. Their products are a testament to their belief that great design and eco-friendly practices can go hand-in-hand.

We’re delighted to offer our customers a wide range of Innovation Living’s products, including sofa beds, chairs, and accessories. Experience the Innovation Living difference for yourself, and browse the new collection online or come to our store and see these beautiful pieces in person.

We look forward to helping you find the perfect piece of furniture to transform your living space!

Please remember to check back on our blog regularly for updates on our newest products, interior design inspiration, and more.

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