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Why Your Vacation Rental Needs a Sleeper Sofa

When you’re furnishing a home for your vacation rental, beach house or Airbnb, there are a lot of things to consider. Most people furnish their main residence over time, adding furniture as they have need. Second homes often need to be furnished all at once, and owners wonder how they can get the most out of their investment. A vacation rental sleeper sofa will save space, add visual appeal and give more guests a comfortable place to sleep.


Charleston Vacation Rental Sleeper Sofa Leather Sectional


Furniture That Multi-Tasks

With (more…)

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To Market, to Market…..

I got talked into attending the furniture market with my family in Las Vegas last week for the Las Vegas Market Expo.  I used to enjoy the market—I’d go from showroom to showroom, getting ideas for decorating my own home and—oh, yes—looking for manufacturers whose lineup might work well in our store.  Sometimes we’d go as a family, a few times I went alone.




Then there was the year my father decided to accompany me, and asked all of our manufacturers if they offered (more…)

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14 Reasons to Have a Comfortable Sleeper Bed

A comfortable sleeper bed is a great addition to any home. A good sleeper bed will fold up into a comfortable couch and takes up very little space. The sleeper fits perfectly in any living area, giving you the flexibility to multipurpose a room. If the convenience and versatility of the sleeper bed aren’t enough reason to consider investing in one, here are 15 more reasons you should spring for a comfortable sleeper bed.

American Comfort Sleeper Bed

1.  Flu Season

Having someone in the home with the flu is like having (more…)

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6 Hotel Furniture Trends for 2018

Hotels face stiffer competition than ever. People have extensive options with more hotels and the explosion of Airbnb and vacation rentals. Hotels realize they have to offer top experiences and amenities to lure guests away from the competition. Here’s what you can expect to see in the year ahead when it comes to hotel furniture and features.

Personalized Experiences

In a world that feels increasingly digital, people crave closeness and interaction. Hotels personalize marketing to improve customer (more…)

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Luonto Sleeper Sofas: Handmade to Last, Sustainably Built & Functional Comfort

Established in 1964, Luonto Furniture is a family-owned furniture manufacturer dedicated to high quality design and sustainable practices. Based in Finland, the company now operates in eighteen countries across three continents. A new addition to Sleepers in Seattle, our customers have quickly embraced this innovative and stylish brand. The contemporary designs of Luonto Sleeper Sofas are hand-built by skilled craftsmen with decades of experience focused on comfort AND function.

Luonto’s Sustainability

All (more…)

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Playing with Broken Glass

Remember how your mother told you never to touch broken glass?

Russ Morgan plays with broken glass for a living.

Russ Morgan in his Workshop


I came across Russ’s creations several years ago at Capers, in West Seattle, and knew I needed one, or maybe many, of his chandeliers for my home. It might be an exaggeration to say that I realized I needed one of his glass light fixtures hanging in each room. But not by much.

My most recent Russ Morgan purchase was triggered by a home decor emergency. The (more…)

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Inc. Magazine Recognizes Sleepers In Seattle on List of Fastest Growing Companies!

I’m excited to share that for the second time, Sleepers In Seattle has been named by Inc
Magazine to their annual Inc. 5000, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies!

The Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in America recognizes success big and
small, and is the most prestigious honor a growing private company can receive.

Sleepers In Seattle is thrilled to be listed among America’s greatest (and most inspiring) entrepreneur-driven businesses.

The (more…)

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Find Beauty and Function at the Art Fair

I try to remember the famous William Morris quote, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Works for me! The trouble is, I find so many beautiful things and I want them all. We just don’t have a big enough house. That is why when I visit the art fair each year I limit myself to buying just one item.  “Beauty and function,” I tell myself.  “Don’t get distracted by colorful doodads that will clutter up the house.”  Unfortunately, I’m not good at (more…)

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Our Favorite Designer’s Favorite Tips for Transitional Design

9 Best Transitional Design Secrets from Rebecca West

OK—the first thing you need to know about Rebecca West is that she has a TARDIS in her office.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to hire the interior designer with a TARDIS as part of her personal office decor??

Rebecca West Interior Designer


I think that’s all you need to know if you are looking for an interior designer.  And for those of you who are confused at this point—do you not watch British TV or what?

So after we got over how amazing Rebecca’s office was (more…)

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A Collector’s Best Tips for Curating and Displaying Art

How to Collect and Display Art

One of the topics people have asked me to blog about is displaying art in the home.

I have no idea why they are asking ME. My wall decor consists of: things my kids have drawn, photographs I have taken, and posters from favorite art exhibits. All tastefully framed, of course. Well, most are tastefully framed. OK I admit that some are hung with that sticky stuff from the hardware store.

Maybe it’s time for some interior design electro-shock therapy at my house.

My (more…)

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