COVID- 19 Update                                                                                                                                  COMFORT SLEEPER SALE use code: COMFORT10    


I am very satisfied with my sleeper sofa. It fits the room and the color matches everything. It works great for guests because it's a double bed. The delivery service was excellent!

Bob Parker


COVID-19 Update

The health and safety of all our customers and staff is our top priority at this time. We do not have any known cases of the virus within our organization, and are enacting the most stringent guidelines around sanitization and cleaning. We are closely monitoring the situation, so the below information may change with little to no notice given the nature of the current situation. At this time, Sleepers In Seattle remains open for business online.


All Customers

All orders are being processed normally, as are swatch requests, customer inquiries, and customer service.  A portion of our staff is now working from home, but all email and phone inquiries will be answered promptly.  


Seattle Area Customers

We offer swatch mailings everywhere--not just out of state!  So, if you live across the street and want to stay there, worry not!  We're now sending swatch packets overnight to any Washington State customer who requests them.  Our in-house delivery team is scheduling deliveries throughout the week as well.