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                  Ottomans with Sleeper Beds

                  We offer Ottoman Sleepers in countless styles and upholsteries, covering three mattress sizes, including Cot Ottomans, Twin Sleeper Ottomans, and Ottomans with a Full Size Mattress!  Ottomans tend to be fairly small—however, this category now offers tremendous functionality. What used to be a seemingly single-dimension piece of furniture has made leaps and bounds into sleeper-city… and not just for your pets.

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                  Ottoman Sleepers are the ultimate space-saving-multi-purpose-furniture-piece we’ve ever had the pleasure to offer. What traditionally has been a single function item has become a catalyst for those seeking multi-purpose furniture. In our humble opinion, whoever thought of this gem should be awarded a Nobel Prize in Design.


                  These pull-out ottomans often include 80" long mattresses (8 inches longer than the industry standard 72 inches) in either a cot (about 33 inches across), twin (37 inches) or full (54 inches) size options– all of which fold back into a stylish little package.


                  This versatile furniture item is perfect for almost any type and scale of space. The countless functions include: seat, stool, foot-rest, step-stool to reach the top shelf of the hutch, a coffee table, and now? It’s your guest bed. Most of our selection comes with a memory foam mattress and a perfected mechanism that allows the bed itself to be extracted (and put back) with ease.


                  Most of the time, ottomans are made to match existing sofas and chairs– but who says that’s the rule? Mix and match if you’d like! Our custom options allow you to choose the style, the upholstery (designer fabrics or 100% top grain leather), and whether or not you would like stationary legs or casters, and much more. Fully customize your own Ottoman Sleeper to make it best suit your space and style in our Design Center – just click 'Start Customizing’ button on your selection!