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Hospitality Sleeper Sofa Selection

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Sleepers In Seattle has the largest selection of sleeper sofas in the world. Browse highlights of our collection below, including our most-popular sleepers, the best of the best, high-end designer pieces, leather sleepers, eco-friendly options, or sectional sofa beds.


For the past decade, our Contract & Hospitality Division has worked with countless hotels, resorts, and bed & breakfasts. We look forward to delivering the perfect solution for your business.


Most Popular Solutions


Full Sleeper in Hotel SorrentoValencia Queen Sleeper in Hawaii

Full Sleeper in Hotel Sorrento

Queen Sleeper in Hawaii


Our sleepers from Stanton and our own Savvy line provide the best combination of quality, custom options, and value. 


Made entirely in the U.S., options abound in terms of style, size, upholstery, and even mattress selection.  Our Contract & Hospitality department will work together with your purchasing team to develop the best sleeper sofa package for your business.


With total control over production of our own Savvy line, we can expertly tailor the selections to perfectly fit your company’s needs.  Similarly, our 20+ year relationship with Stanton, also based in the Pacific Northwest, gives us the ability to meet the unique requirements of your establishment.  Get in touch today to find out more about our most popular sleeper solutions for the hospitality industry.



Best of the Best

Sleepers In Seattle provides the hospitality market with the best sleeper sofas in the world.  The leading manufacturer in this lane is American Leather, with their patented Tiffany 24/7 mechanism used in the Comfort Sleeper series. 


The Paragon Sleeper, by Lazar, is a similar solution, with a few clear differences (cushions don’t come off; different upholstery options), which are also made in the US and offer an exceptional night’s sleep.


Leather Bryson Comfort SleeperFabric Klein Comfort Sleeper
Leather Bryson Comfort SleeperFabric Klein Comfort Sleeper


Comfort Sleepers and Paragon Sleepers both provide a sleeping experience far better than anything available from a sofa bed more than a few years back.   Together, there are over 20 styles available, all in countless sizes, fabrics, and leathers—including ultra-durable covers ideal for the high use they may be exposed to in your establishment. 


Any solution from these top tier options will help you create a memorable experience for your guests.



Designer Options


You don’t enter the furniture industry without some appreciation for beautiful design.  Our sleeper options from Lazar Industries and Bernhardt Interiors are known for impeccable tailoring, supreme attention to detail, and the most beautiful and unique frame styles. 


Queen Sleeper in Flamingo ResortFantasy Queen by Luonto
Queen Sleeper in Flamingo ResortFantasy Queen by Luonto


All Lazar and Bernhardt styles come from North Carolina—the furniture Mecca of the U.S.—and are made using only the finest raw materials available, including kiln-dried hardwood, designer fabrics, and 100% top-grain hides.

For the most beautiful hotels, you’ll want to spend time reviewing these—our most beautiful sofa beds.  Do so, and we guarantee you will give your guests an experience to remember.

Leather Sleepers

Leather exudes beauty and class.  For many businesses,  there is no better fit than leather furniture.  Leather also happens to be the most durable upholstery, ever.  We offer over 200 different sleeper sofa styles in leather, all of which can be customized with your choice of color, mattress, cushion fill, and foot finish.


Full Leather Sleeper at Travaasa Resort	Lyons Sleeper at Fireside Resort
Full Leather Sleeper at Travaasa ResortLyons Sleeper at Fireside Resort


If you are of the opinion that sleepers can’t be beautiful, we’re here to tell you how wrong that notion is.  Browse through our entire catalog of leather sleepers, or check out some of our favorites, below.  Just keep in mind that we offer deep discounts through our Contract & Hospitality division.


Green and Eco-Friendly


In collaboration with Luonto, a Finnish furniture company established in 1964, we the greenest sleeper sofas on the planet, which emphasize sustainability and quality.


Luonto Fantasy SleeperLuonto Flipper Sleeper
Luonto Fantasy SleeperLuonto Flipper Sleeper


Known for using state-of-the-art technology combined with traditional craftsmanship, Luonto produces furniture that is both sustainable and functional. The company's commitment to environmental responsibility is highlighted by their use of responsibly sourced raw materials like Nordic Spruce and Birch from Viitala Forest, ensuring sustainable forest management practices including replanting and conservation. 


Luonto’s dedication to sustainability extends through their production processes as well. They convert wood waste into pellets used as fuel for heating their factories and local community facilities, demonstrating a circular economy model. Moreover, the company's furniture is designed to be durable and timeless, aligning with their belief in reducing environmental impact through longevity. Luonto’s operations reflect a deep-rooted heritage of sustainable practices that are integral to their business model, not just a response to current trends. 



Offer your guests the lap of luxury with a sectional sleeper sofa.  For sizable rooms, there is nothing more grand than a sectional to provide ample comfort for your guests, and in turn, for their guests. 


Today, sectional sleepers truly come in all shapes and sizes, and we have sectionals starting at only 74”, and as big as… well, infinity.  Component-based development truly allows us to outfit any room with the perfect sectional.  Available in a huge array of fabrics and leathers, and the mattress of your choice, our sectional sofa bed configurations are anything but one-size-fits-all.


Chaise Sectional in South BeachAmerican Leather Sectional Sleeper in Hawaii
Chaise Sectional in South BeachAmerican Leather Sectional Sleeper in Hawaii