I started my search for a sleeper sofa over a year ago and have spent hours online and in stores searching for the right one. It was not until I found Sleepers In Seattle online, then came into the store, that I knew I had found what I had been looking for. Sleepers In Seattle has the best choices for sleepers in the country. Take it from someone who looked everywhere.

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Sleeper Sofa Buying Guide




Perhaps the first step to finding your perfect sleeper is to determine which size to start browsing in.  Often, dimension ranges overlap between one size and the next closest option.  Sizing for our sleeper sofas is determined by the size of the mattress inside. We carry 6 sizes: Chair (Cot); Loveseat (Twin); Full; Queen; Chaise Sectional; and True Sectional.
The dimensions of any particular sleeper sofa will be primarily determined by two factors.  First, of course, will be the bed size within.  After determining the mattress size, the next factor in your sofa's overall size will be the style, as sofas with smaller, more compact arms will have smaller dimensions than sofas with larger arms.  Here is a table showing the ranges for overall dimensions (length) for all our sleeper sofa sizes:
Sleeper Size and Dimension Table
Sleeper Dimension Ranges
49" to 65"
50" to 68"
67" to 83"
75" to 96"
99" x 59" to 132" x 86"
113" x 87" to 125" x 65"
Ottoman (Sleepers)44" to 68"

Sleeper Brands

We offer sleeper sofas from a wide range of brands, including: American LeatherBernhardt, Lazar IndustriesLeather Living, Natuzzi, PalliserStanton, and our very own Savvy Sleepers brand.
Each brand has it's own premier characteristics, but briefly:

Savvy: Best selection and best value. 
Natuzzi: Largest leather specialist and unmatched value.
Stanton: High quality; great warranty; custom options.
Palliser: Terrific comfort; several sleeper + reclining options.
Lazar: Incredible number of custom options; exceptional quality and workmanship.
Earth Designs: Our most eco-conscious sleeper sofas.
American Leather: The Cadillac of sleeper sofas.
Bernhardt: Designer styles with unmatched workmanship and details.
Leather Living: Most custom leather options; tremendous comfort

Once you've selected your favorite sleeper in a particular size and brand, it is time to make the piece truly yours. Our website is tailored to help you do that, first by choosing the perfect upholstery, and then by adding the right mattress upgrade, sheets, and accessories if so desired. You can do all of this within our custom Design Center:



We offer several hundred fabrics and leathers for our sleepers in order for you to match your families needs with the look of your home.  In the Design Center's first step, you can sort the upholstery choices by Fabric or Leather (if applicable), and further by our custom tags, such as 'Off-Whites', 'Durables', 'Browns', etc..  Every fabric includes a description, as well as fiber content, and a tool which outlines the differences between those covers you may be considering.



We now offer up to 5 different mattress options for most of our sleeper sofas.  Some of the mattress options include Extra-Plush, Extra-Firm, Memory Foam, and Air-Coil.  The mattress options do vary by piece, and are listed in the Design Center (under the Upgrades tab) for every sleeper sofa.

Lead time and our Quick-Ship Program

If you multiply all of our styles, by all of our sizes, several mattresses, and then all the upholstery options; you'll notice we have over 1 million total sleeper sofa options.  Unfortunately, we do not have a warehouse big enough to have all these sleepers on hand.  So, a customized sleeper will often qualify as a special order.  This won't cost any more, however will take us a bit of time to make.  Lead time, from order date until delivery to your home, is generally about 4 weeks.
We always carry about 150 of our top sellers on hand and ready to go.  These top choices make up our Quick-Ship program, and can be delivered Nationwide within 10-20 days.  If you are in need of a sleeper ASAP, browse our Quick-Ship Gallery for a selection a call and we'll find one that fits all your needs and desires.

Overview, in Rap Form

Max from the Sleepers Team shares his advice on finding your perfect sleeper...to a beat!



That's our business in a nutshell.  We hope it helps.  Enjoy!